Global Impact

Eternity Bible College is committed to training students to take the gospel to all the nations. More than 70 of our past and current students are serving overseas. Check out some of their stories below:

Hope for Orphans in Costa Rica

Josh Mcarthur and his wife Allison are former Eternity Students who now serve in Costa Rica with 6:8 Ministries When I was 18, God shook...

Worship and Work in Southeast Asia

Nine years ago, the Creator revealed Himself to me. His Spirit redeemed me and ripped me from the life of destruction I was leading...

From Simi Valley, to Iraq, to Poland

Jenn is an Eternity grad who has served in the Middle East and is currently doing ministry with her family in Poland. Due to...

Reflections After Buying One-way Tickets to Laos

*Note. Due to the opposition that faces missionaries in Laos, our writer's name has been withheld. To hear more about his ministry in Laos, click here...

Reaching the Least Reached in Mexico

Rarely is training glamorous; rarely is it exciting. Training is usually incredibly difficult and labor intensive. Seasons of training are hardly desirable but almost always necessary. The most compelling...

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