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Sufjan Stevens recently released two versions of a new single, entitled "Tonya Harding." As you might expect, the song is about the famous (and kind of infamous) figure skater Tonya Harding. My first response was to laugh at the thought that Sufjan had written a song about Tonya Harding....
A couple weeks before Thanksgiving, Sufjan Stevens released the latest installment in his Christmas music dynasty. Many, many, many musicians create Christmas music. But no one does it like Sufjan. For most people, Christmas music means Mariah Carey, Chris Tomlin, or the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. But Sufjan has a small army...
The Welcome Wagon made a pretty big splash in 2008 when they released their first album under the wing of Sufjan Stevens. The album came out on Sufjan’s label, and Sufjan himself produced and even arranged much of the album. This was enough to gain the band attention, but...

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